"Next time you want to scope out a location without taking all your gear with you, this app could save you a lot of lugging around."

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"I bet that it will cost you more time and nerves on a long run not to buy Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder than having it with you all the time in the pocket. ... With this app you will change to the right lens every single time."

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"The app does everything it supposed to. And the attention to detail is really quite nice. ... It delivers great value compared to a physical director's viewfinder which could often cost hundreds of dollars."

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"Designed to feel like an extension of your camera rather than a completely separate device, Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder combines an impressive database of gear, an intuitive experience and an extremely useful tool into a beautifully designed package for visual artists across the board."

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"The standout feature is its database of over 470 cameras, covering models from the stills and motion worlds. ... With an equally impressive set of lens options, users can probably put together almost any real-world combination they can imagine."

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"This app is a cracker. ... It's not the cheapest app you'll buy but it is very well made and very well supported."

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"[This app is] intended for those of us who sometimes work slowly and deliberately, deciding on a framing and composition for a shot even prior to opening up our equipment bag. ... But now there's an elegant alternative, and all it requires is that you have an iPhone in your pocket."

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"Scouting is the best intelligence to get for a photographic assignment. ... A tool that I have found really helpful is an app that works with my iPhone that can actually simulate pretty accurately the images I can get from my camera bodies and lenses. The app is called Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder."

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